March 8, 2015

Our Services


  • Setting up and publishing NFTs, Collectibles, sports memorabilia etc.,
  • Buying assistance
  • Writing contracts on Block chain

Cryptocurrency Exchange Account Setup  

  • Assist in setting up and verifying accounts
  • Two Cryptocurrency Exchanges
  • Setup bitcoin wallet
  • Assist in setting up 2FA
  • Communication through phone and/or personal meeting

Cryptocurrency Portfolio Strategies  

  • Review Long-term goals for investing in cryptocurrency
  • Understand goals and recommend portfolio
  • Directions on how and where to acquire coins
  • 1 hr of consulting included in package

Digital Wallet Setup  

  • Setup of hardware wallet
  • Assist in saving keys to wallet
  • Assist in transfer of bitcoins, ethereum etc

Technology Support

  • Any kinds of wallet issues
  • Working with exchange issues
  • Advise on best practices

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